Keep it Small and Simple…Shuga

SHUGA™ IS THE INTELLIGENT CHOICE. Pure, natural, sulfate-free ingredients are delivered into the hair using nanotechnology, which improves hair appearance and is up to seven times more effective in the delivery of functional ingredients into individual hair fibers.

What is nanotechnology?

Traditional hair treatment focuses on treating the exterior of the hair, ignoring the actual cause of the problem. Simply lathering on nutrients will not address the problem as they wash off as easily as they are applied. The actives in Shuga Complex™ are carried into the hair on a nanoscale particle, allowing it to penetrate past the cuticle to the hair’s interior. (Note: A nanometer is 40,000 times smaller than the width of the average human hair.)

Shuga Complex™ and nanotechnology benefits:

  • Nanotechnology is the carrier that delivers our Exclusive Shuga Complex™ (Yogurt Proteins, Milk & Plant Sugars)
  • Repairs & Protects with Moisture Binding & Attracts Milk & Plant Sugars
  • Nutritionally Active Yogurt Proteins, Amino Acids & Anti-Aging Antioxidants


Shuga™ products are formulated to do four things smarter than any other hair care product:
  1. HYDRATE: Restore the natural moisture level of hair
  2. NOURISH: Deliver carbohydrates and essential elements to hair for optimum “climate control”
  3. RESTORE: “Sweeten” damaged hair areas to smooth and repair broken cuticles
  4. PROTECT: Provide protection against future damage

1. HYDRATE – When is hair in great condition? … When your hair has a moisture content of at least 8% and the right balance of protein and natural oil it looks and feels great. After a coloring or highlighting service, hair’s moisture level can drop as low as 2%, drying the hair and causing split ends. Blow dryers and styling tools are also moisture robbers. Shuga™ products contain natural ultra-hydrating and hygroscopic (drawing moisture from the air) sugars that capture and retain moisture, restoring hair to its optimum 8% natural moisture level.

Shuga™ products are loaded with Lactobionic Acid, a sugar derived from the lactose in milk that strongly attracts and binds water to the hair. It produces a more effective gel matrix than humectants used in other haircare products.

2. NOURISH – What nourishes hair? Basic amino acids, proteins and vitamins are essential for the growth of healthy hair. Undernourishment slows the growth rate of hair, and eventually leads to the hair thinning and then ‘gasp’ actually falling out. Shuga™ products contain Lactobacillus milk, a cosmetic form of yogurt containing milk proteins and amino acids that provide hair nourishment…delivering essential elements calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc to the hair. Brittleness is lessened at low humidity and limpness is lessened at high humidity.  The overall effect is intelligent “climate control.

The amino acids in the yogurt have a small molecular weight and are able to penetrate the hair cuticle without weighing it down. After penetrating, these amino acids form a continuous, protective film on the hair, sealing and improving hair’s gloss and texture.

Yogurt amino acids increase style staying power, enhance combability, stretchability and flexibility, reducing the possibility of hair breakage.

3. RESTORE – How is hair restored? Shuga™ products are restorative because of magical ingredients called Oligiosaccharides. Oligios are very light, plant derived, moisture binding sugars that have the ability to “target” damaged hair areas to smooth and repair broken cuticles and leave a brilliant, healthy shine.

Did you know hair is 50% more vulnerable when wet? That’s why in addition to using nanotechnology, we quaternize our Oligios; a process that places a charge on the sugars that allows them to remain on the hair rather than being washed off by the cleansing agents found in shampoos.

4. PROTECT – What can be done to protect hair? UV rays affect the color and brilliance of hair. The color fades and becomes dull, whether it is natural or colored hair.

Shuga™ products provide anti-fade protection on normal, highlighted and colored hair: Protecting action increases up to 30%, as determined by extensive testing. Shuga restorative technology provides 10 times more protection against future damage.

Lactobionic acid is the antioxidantin Shuga products that interrupts oxidation, the process that makes iron rust, cut apples turn brown, and hair color break down. Lactobionic acid is an anti-aging antioxidant that is chemically and functionally similar to alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It protects against fading and keeps hair young.

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